04 April 2022

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Sustainable Holidays in Pembrokeshire Wales

The Most Sustainable Swimming Pool in the UK?


Located in South Pembrokeshire, this “tropical” villa – inspired by the host’s stint living in St Lucia – sits right on the water with private steps down onto the sand.


But it also boasts the most amazing indoor/outdoor, all-weather, heated, infinity pool.


Designed by the owner, Michael Bell, it is powered by roof PV panels and a state-of-the-art, totally-silent, super-efficient, air-source heat pump, that sips electricity. Built in Austria for heating pools in the Alps.

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Accessed from inside during Winter


Imagine this, it’s a dismal February day and the sea looks uninviting. You come out of your room and along the underfloor heated corridor straight into the toasty pool lobby.

Hang up your towel, open the pool room door, up some steps (mind your head) and over the side and into VERY comfortable 30 degrees C water which, even in the worst weather, is totally painless, as you are sheltered under a retractable winter enclosure.


When summer starts to emerge, press the remote button and the plexiglass retractable cover slides back and disappears completely under the hot tub deck.

Access During the Summer

Mosaic tile steps lead down to a flat platform and slope into 2m depth. There is a safety ledge around the access side & the sea end.


The pool flows over the infinity end into a large buffer tank which allows for changes in water level.


The temperature is maintained with the heat pump and a floating solar cover – that is soon to be converted to power operation. We make a habit of closing the enclosure and bubble cover when not in use, as high winds will evaporate the water and can, if left open to the elements, blow the bubble cover off.


Also, keeping the bubble cover on, minimises heat loss, allowing the heat pump to rest and helping to save the planet!

Little known fact (LKF) – There are 7-15 humans to a cubic meter.

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