25 November 2020

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Dining Out Nearby

Guests at The Sandcastle often choose a relaxing barbecue or a three course dinner cooked at the house, but there are plenty of options nearby if you fancy dining out – or just a break from cooking!

Local Dining Near The Sandcastle

  • Try WE LOVE CURRY on Facebook for Asian banquets (£28 for 2) delivered to the Aldi parking lot in Pembroke Dock (we are just out of delivery range).We often do this with friends on Saturday nights and co-ordinate our pick-ups, so we’re happy to collect yours. They publish their menu on Facebook each Monday.

  • Café MOR is the famous blue street-food van that pulls up to Freshwater West beach. Find them on Facebook. They started out as a snack bar for the surfers, but since being rated Sunday Times best beach food a few years ago, people drive from miles around for their lobster and crab rolls, seafood butter, fresh mackerel in salsa verde, Welsh lamb burgers …. All too good.

  • The STONE CRAB in Saundersfoot is doing take-ways … delicious.

  • The Stackpole Inn in Stackpole. Also doing take-away Sunday roasts.

  • The Brewery Inn in Cosherton is also a popular take-away for all the pub classics: ribs, hamburgers, etc.

  • Visit the fish shack, Simply Seafood, in Tenby’s port (Castle Square) for fresh local crab and lobster.

  • Cwlbox The Slipway, Saundersfoot Beach, Saundersfoot. Highly rated and a rival to Cafe Mor. Tide dependent.

  • A bit further afield, but worth the trip for their scallops from their own bay, is The Griffin Inn, great food in a relaxed pub atmosphere, right on the water.

If we hear of any other good places, we’ll pass on the details. And, of course, Linda is a wine author and climate change expert/viticulture consultant. One of her clients is the Welsh government – so any advice you want on Welsh wines or tasting at local vineyards, just ask. Visit: www.TheWineLady.com. And while on the topic of climate…

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